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Dr. Ernestina Fuentes

Executive Director/Founder

Ed.D. Harvard University, C.A.S. Harvard University, M.Ed. University of Arizona, B.A. University of Arizona

Herencia was established because there is no educational approach to release children and families from the generational trauma of poverty. The core values brought by the Virgin of Guadalupe to the downtrodden indigenous of Mexico in 1531 can bring the needed hope. It is our vision that those values of dignity, mercy, justice, and inclusion can unite all those of the same kindred spirit to step up and make vital changes to education for the future of all the children being lost to poverty. Only then will our society be saved from social and economic mediocracy.

Ms. Kelly Stoltz

Ms. Kelly Stoltz

Educational Director

For the last 25 years, I have dedicated my life to serving Tucson’s most vulnerable children. I hold a B.A. in Elementary Ed and Spanish from Loyola University, Maryland and a M.A.T in ESL and Urban Education from the University of Southern California. My greatest honor is working with the children, families and educators at Guadalupana. Our children with their great strength, light and hope are the answer to recreate our society.

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Mr. Robert Riviera

Director of Operation

Robert enjoys helping children and families. He has worked with children and schools for over twenty years. He possesses a Bachelor of Science in Education (with an emphasis in Spanish), a Masters Degree in Bilingual Multicultural Education (with an English as a Second Language Endorsement), and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership (with a School Principal Certificate).


Mr. Paul A. Carrizosa

Director of Finance

All children need an environment to learn where they feel safe, valued, and cared for. I came to HGLS to contribute my part in building such a place for the children. My focus is on financial and regulatory management – behind the scenes tasks that enable the school to run smoothly and efficiently.

Mr. Carrizosa is a lifelong Tucsonan. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Business & Public Administration. He served his country and his community as a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and as a Tucson Police Officer. Mr. Carrizosa eventually settled at Raytheon Company, working in Finance for over 20 years. Today, he works as a Proposal Manager contracting with Raytheon.

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Mrs. Virginia Sanchez

Business Administrator

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Mr. Jim Cromwell

Board Member

I grew up here in Tucson, I am proud to be from Tucson, and to have an opportunity to help other people; especially children. I have a heart for working with and helping children, from mission time in Haiti to obtaining a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. I am a proud University of Arizona student and I am now working there as an IT project manager.


Ms. Lynda Harper

Board Member

Lynda has over 35 years of customer service experience, specializing in hospitality, finance, and healthcare. She has a passion to provide good education, guidance, leadership, and love to children who have obstacles to overcome.

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Dr. Richard Carrizosa

Board Member

I support Herencia because I believe the educational opportunities they provide empower children to overcome obstacles, to reach their full potential, and to transform their communities. I am currently an accounting professor at the University of California, Riverside. I have spent the last 14 years conducting research and teaching business students at various universities. I was born and raised in Tucson and earned a Ph.D. from New York University and B.S.E.E from Johns Hopkins University.


Dr. Augustine Romero

Board Member

Dr. Augustine F. Romero has been an educator since 1992. Currently, he serves as the Curriculum Coordinator for Pascua Yaqui Tribe's Social Services Division's Itom Ili Tosapo Am Remtituane Early Learning Center. Dr. Romero has been a keynote speaker in more than 90 national and international conferences and lecture series. His award-winning research has been recognized by numerous national and international organizations, and he has been featured in numerous academic and media publications both nationally and internationally.


Mr. Cody Gilmore

Board Member

Cody is a very motivated individual with a strong sense of self. His love, loyalty and dedication to his family and friends naturally rolls into his professional life. Cody is passionate about his community and strives to make a positive impact in everything he does.


Mrs. Catherine Ripley

Board Member

Cat is a retired naval officer, former U.S. Diplomat, and mother of two. Amongst her assignments overseas, she led numerous Humanitarian Assistance programs for children in Africa and Asia. Cat currently teaches political science at the University of Arizona and Pima Community College.


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Mrs. Brianna Daniel

Lead Teacher

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Mrs. Dawn Pryor

Lead Teacher

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Ms. Renee Huesca

Assistant Teacher

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Ms. Leilany Grijalva

Assistant Teacher

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Mr. Christopher Lundin

Assistant Teacher

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Daiquari Barnett

Assistant Teacher

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Ms. Aloalii Togafau-Reyes

Assistant Teacher

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Mr. Tauelia Togafau

Maintenance and Landscape

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