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Are you dedicated to vulnerable children? Are you a person of service? Do you want to get a degree in Early Childhood Education. Do, you want to learn innovative teaching techniques in science, math, literacy, art? Want a school culture of values, caring cooperation, and teamwork? Herencia Guadalupana Lab Schools is the place for you. We are a 4 out of 5 Quality First Star Center. We have beautiful classrooms. Come grow, learn and give to children. We have sick leave, paid holidays, flexible schedules, free training, free college tuition, bonuses for growth and a $300 bonus for signing. We teach the higher-level skills and ideas not just facts. We focus on preschoolers ages 3, 4,5 years. We are not a childcare, but we are a preschool and teaching is the focus. We have a faith-based center open to all. It is a wonderful place to teach, give, and grow. If these are the things you love, text me for a visit and an interview at 520-982-7748, Dr. Fuentes

Herencia Guadalupana Lab Preschool is hiring people who want to nurture children living in poverty. Come with an open spirit to learn new strategies. Great dedication and hard work are important. A plan to become an excellent educator is vital plus a willingness to always learn and grow with children. Learn unique discipline approach for self-sufficiency. Explore conceptual teaching for supporting brilliant minds plus work in a value-based environment where dignity, mercy and justice are central. Full-time positions as well as paid internships are available. If this is your passion and vocation, come visit Guadalupana. Come join our family.

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