The Internship program intends to provide a new paradigm to education Early Childhood Professionals to serve children and families in poverty.  The graduates from this program will earn a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and hopefully will go on to a Master of Arts in the same or different field. 


Through this program interns will achieve a working knowledge and hands-on-experience in education both families and children in poverty.  With this knowledge they can pursues leadership and advocacy in the professional fields of entrepreneurship, research,  policy, university professors, public school teachers, owners of centers, lawyers, social workers or any field that impacts children and families.

Internship Application
Intern Agreement
HGLS Intern Handbook


All staff and interns will participate in training prior to working with children.  The training will consist of attitudes, spiritual focus, discipline, observations, interactions, strategies, research, planning, environment, concept development, thinking skills, thriving skills, health and nutrition, and physical development.  All these areas are delineated in the training model for
staff.  All Herencia Guadalupana Lab Schools staff will review the training requirements and agree to such training to be hired.

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