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The community will benefit by having talented individuals work with their children and dedicate their learning to the progress of the community.  The interns will then be able to go out into the community equipped in their relevant fields and know how to support advocate for children and families in poverty.  These interns can also be model for future leaders in Early Childhood Education.



Early Childhood Education field will benefit with a new way to staff early childhood centers at low cost and high quality.  These centers will be places where learning, service and commitment can evolve for everyone.  The affordability of childcare is difficult without consistent, dedicated people who are always learning but not dependent on high wages.  The trade-off is education and support for obtaining a Bachelor of Arts rather than wages to support a family.


Interns benefit by having an alternative pathway to becoming a professional.  They will have a support system and mentors available for their learning.  They will have educational, social, emotional support to work the difficult journey of college.  They will have experience in their field which they can use in any other path of learning.  They will have some income support for their needs in college

The children and family in poverty will benefit the most.  They will have high quality professionals in charge of the education.  They will have young people full of energy and hope who will encourage and help them learn.  In this environment families will see all the possibilities in young people and in their children.  Dreams and aspirations for families and children can more easily be realized with teachers who are young, talented and who have a bright future.  Interns will be great models for families



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