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Please join us for a wonderful brunch supporting the Herencia Guadalupana Labs Schools first ever Scholarship Drive and Information Event.


In this event, we will introduce a new approach to the education of children in severe poverty and provide a core structure which includes:



  • Foundational values needed to provide strength

  • Development of the skills needed to thrive

  • Ability to think beyond the surface and develop complex ideas



Learn how we track the efficacy of this approach as we present our research methodology and present analysis of classroom activities while providing real-life examples of success.



Scholarship Program Details


Our Goal is to raise $50,000 to fund numerous scholarships for preschoolers for the 2016 calendar year.  Scholarships will cover tuition for one year.  


  • Selecting Scholarship Recipients

    • Selection will include a family budgeting session, home visit, interviews with parents and proof of financial situation.  Consistent attendance will be required including participation in school functions like conferences, programs, workshops and field trips.


  • Family Contribution 

    • A nominal weekly financial contribution from the family of each recipient will be required, with the amount determined by the specific financial circumstances. This contribution promotes participation and commitment, and provides dignity to the family supporting their child’s education.

Note: Donations over $5000 will be included in our benefactor program and include pictures, academic and social progress updates on a quaterly basis to track the progress of the sponsored child.

For more details on various ways to give, click here

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