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Welcome to Guadalupana Lab Schools


Thank you for your interest in Guadalupana Lab Schools, open all year and serving children from zero to five years. We are a social justice preschool focusing on nurturing productive compassionate leaders. I can assure you that your child will grow and become enriched by the caring and challenging learning environment of our school.


We are open to all children but focus on the needs of children in poverty. This means we emphasize strong cognitive skills, perseverance in learning and life and a curriculum focused on the core values of inclusion, dignity, justice, and mercy. We develop our curriculum around the social-emotional growth of children because it is the precursor for strong learning.


Though we have no specific faith base, we follow Guadalupana spirituality and Christian principles and traditions. We encourage you to review our handbook and parent agreements since we want to partner with parents. We hope you will consider sharing your child with us to grow together.



Faith, Hope, and Love...Always,


Dr. Ernestina Fuentes

Executive Director / Founder



To request more information:

Contact the Enrollment Office

Mon-Fri 8 am - 4 pm

(520) 982-7748 Phone

You can also request more information with this form:

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