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Interns will work side by side with Masters and Doctoral level Instructors providing quality interactions, intriguing activities, and challenging lessons for children.  At no time will interns be unsupervised. They will learn how to do year-long conceptual planning through thematic units. 



Interns will also learn how to take that planning and change and adapt it to the desires, interests, and needs of the children.  Furthermore, they will work on interaction skills to help children become strong thinkers.

There will also be opportunities to create natural, caring, enticing, and beautiful learning environments where children will be excited to learn as well as safe and happy. There will be guided interactions with parents to learn how best to support families to engage in the education of their children.  Finally, interns will review relevant research articles in learning cohort groups guided by the instructor.  This will help them become professional life-long learners always searching for the best ideas for children and families education.

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