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“I am the Mother of God’s only Son.  I am the Mother of all.”

~Virgen de Guadalupe at Tepeyac 1531


The virgin appeared in 1531 in San Juan Diego to bring hope to the indigenous people of Mexico. She brought a message that they had value and strength because they were children of God. Through her image, she proclaimed they must regain their face of wisdom and their heart of love. She brought a spirituality that stated that rooted in the love of God we could all be inclusive and strive for justice, embrace dignity and love mercy.  Herencia Guadalupana Lab Schools will educate young children and families primarily from poverty homes with such a spirituality. With this spirituality, families in poverty will have the strength to support their efforts to overcome poverty.


We strive in partnership with parents and community to nurture the God-given gifts of each student by…

Providing a child-centered, loving environment where faith is infused into all learning

Addressing the needs of the whole child in providing diverse approaches to learning

Using all strategies that are research-based, active, relevant and important to children

Scaffolding children’s learning to challenge them to grow

Valuing the basic skills as stepping-stones to real education where application, exploration, discovery and creating are vital

Having an individual approach to assess each child as a unique person

Instilling in our students the belief that all they are and will become is from God and is to be used to serve others and glorify God

Our Goals

Every two years establish a preschool in poverty areas of Tucson to send well-prepared students and families into neighborhood public schools.

Establish referral, advocacy, and mentoring for families in poverty to access services to stabilize themselves socially, educationally, and economically as well as spiritually.           

Create pathways for potential early childhood professionals to obtain university degrees through internships to serve children and families in poverty in diverse public roles.

Our Vision

Families in poverty through embracing Guadalupana spirituality will obtain the dispositions, knowledge, and skills to overcome poverty and bridge the achievement gap.

Our Mission

Establish preschools, parent support, and teacher development in poverty neighborhoods to strengthen the spiritual, educational, and economic life of families.

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